When you have a new baby it is nice to know what to expect from a photo session.  It is such a wonderful, tiring, exciting, exhausting, time and to be able to capture a few of those first days on camera is a priceless investment.  Newborn sessions are different from regular sessions.  If you are looking for those sweet curled up sleeping images then your best chance is with in the first 10 days and the earlier, the better.  Tracy likes them to be 6 days or younger but will of course photograph them at whatever age you choose.  These sessions require a lot of patience and sometimes a lot of time and can typically last anywhere from one to three hours depending totally on the baby (of course!).  There are breaks for feedings, diaper changes, rocking and whatever else baby calls for.  Tracy is accustomed to this and in no way will rush a newborn baby photography session based on time.  As parents, you need to come to this session with no expectations on time or on baby “behavior”.  Babies at this age are completely unpredictable and Tracy understands that waiting is part of these special sessions. 

Newborns are best photographed in their “birthday suits” as clothing often gets crumpled and does not look good in pictures.  Special hats, blankets or toys always make for special images.  Tracy can also provide a variety of blankets and hats for the session.

If you would like to schedule a newborn photography session please call Tracy ahead of time to let her know your due date.  That way you can plan together to make sure you get your baby in during the time frame you would like him or her photographed.  If you are part of the New Beginnings Collection this will already be discussed and planned at the time you choose to invest in the collection. 

For more information on the exclusive New Beginnings Collection, which is only for “mommies to be” and their babies, click here: New Beginnings Collection. More information is in the Investment section, and you may call or email Tracy to inquire about availability.