What is the session fee and what does it include?
The session fee is for the creation of the photos.  It includes a phone or in person consultation before the session, Tracy’s time and talent for 1-3 hours during the session, editing of all the images in the gallery, an on line gallery, the ordering process and post production work to get the ordered images ready for print. 

Where does the session take place?
That is up to you!  Tracy loves both in studio and on location sessions.  Tracy is up for most adventures!  If you have a place in mind she is always open to suggestions but the most popular places are in the studio, the beach, the park and at the clients homes.  May clients love to have their photography done at Cleawater and St. Pete Beach. If you are having a hard time deciding Tracy will be happy to help you make a decision.

What should we wear?
Clothing is an important part of planning for your session.  Your choices are unlimited.  If you are scheduling a family photography session or a session with more than one person it always nice to have complimenting colors or outfits.  An easy “rule of thumb” is matching bottoms (ie; jeans, khakis, etc..) and then coordinating shirts.  Some families like a simple feel and choose to go with matching solid shirts others like the bright colors and patterns that coordinate together.  And some families personalities don’t reflect anything that matches and that works best for them.  The best portraits are created when your clothing represents YOU!  Colorful hats, scarves and accessories are always a fun option as well.  Babies are usually best in their “birthday suits” (especially very young ones) but they always look cute in fun hats or with items that are special to them such as a blanket or favorite toy.  Tracy is always available for questions if you are unsure of what to choose.

When will I see my images?
Your images will be ready approximately 2-3 weeks after your session. You have the choice of an in person ordering session or a private on line gallery. If you choose an in person ordering session your images will be presented to you in person in the form of a slideshow. This is a great option as it gives you one on one time with Tracy to help make your decisions. If you choose this option payment will be due at the end of your ordering session. You may also have a private on line gallery to share with family and friends, if you choose. Tracy does request that no children be present during this process. She will work with you to find a convenient time that will work for you.

If you choose to only have the private on line gallery, your gallery will be active for 5 days. Orders must be placed during this time. If additional time is needed there is a $35.00 charge for each week the gallery remains up with out ordering.

After the ordering process how long will it take to get my images?
Expect to receive you orders with in 4 weeks of completing the order process.  However, products such as jewelry, leather products, albums and cards may take longer since their creation and production time can extend beyond the normal 4 week period.  Please keep this in mind when scheduling your session.  If you are interested in products for gifts make sure to schedule your session early enough to receive the items you ordered in time.

Is there a minimum ordering requirement from the session(s)?
No, there is no minimum order required from each session. Table top prints (8x10 and smaller) are between $18.00 and $50.00. Wall prints start at $85.00 and collections start at $495.00. Collections offer considerable savings over a la carte purchases. Some digital files are available in each collection or can be purchased a la carte. Tracy also offers custom designed albums, canvas gallery wraps, jewelry, purses and custom cards or birth announcements. Please contact Tracy directly for a list of pricing and collection prices.