Happy Birthday little lady! {Tampa Baby Photographer}

(Tampa baby photographer) This cute little baby girl was super busy, crawling everywhere! Despite mom’s desire to have a headband in her hair, and the HUGE distractions we created while mom put it in to make her forget about it, she would NOT have it! IF there is a headband on, it was for a fleeting second before she ripped it out! LOL! She was the perfect New Beginnings Plan baby and performed well for all 3 of her sessions, including this one, her first birthday session :)   Although I hope to see her again in the future, I will certainly miss seeing her throughout the year! (Tampa baby photographer)




tampa baby photographer



tampa baby photographer


tampa baby photographer



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What a cutie! (Tampa Baby Photographer)

Happy Thursday everyone! Take a look at this cutie :) This was his very first sitting up session and he gave me smiles all the way through :) We planned it right around his nap time so this little guy was super happy and easy going. This family is a wonderful member of The New Beginnings Plan. As a Tampa Baby Photographer, I just love photographing all my sessions in studio, with natural light, just like this one! Take a look at this cute baby doll!


Alishahi7 copy

Alishahi8 copy




Alishahi6 copy

Outdoor Newborn Session (tampa baby photographer)

(tampa baby photographer) This sweet bundle of joy has only been in the world for seven days and he’s already melting hearts. I was lucky enough to get together with my close photographer friend and spend the evening with this little bundle of joy.  We had an absolute blast with playing with him and although he was hungry at sunset he was the perfect model for the rest of the session.  The lighting was perfect and so was the company :)

*Disclaimer- baby was safely spotted for all shots and specifically on the swing, the baby had hands on him at all times the rest was done in photoshop. :)    (tampa baby photographer)


tampa baby photographer


tampa baby photographer








Pretty princess (Tampa baby photographer)

(Tampa baby photographer) This little doll was so fun to dress up and play with during her session.  Once she fell asleep she stayed in dreamland the entire session!  She’s one of the newest members of the TGP New Beginnings Plan (my newborn – first birthday photography package) and I am so lucky to be able to watch her grow this year.  I am sure she will be a princess for all her sessions and I can’t wait to see what we can dress her up in each time :)  There are so many more images in the gallery it was for sure hard to choose what to share but here is a quick preview!  (tampa baby photographer)




(tampa baby photographer)



(tampa baby photographer)


Sweetness…. (tampa baby photographer)

(tampa baby photographer) I was so lucky to photograph this family during the holidays for a special holiday session in their home.  We had a great time and I was blessed to have them return for their newborn session with their second little girl.  She was a dream to spend the morning with and she will be a lucky little sister as her big sister will be doting on her for many years to come. I love all the images of the two girls together and there is a sneak peak of just a couple below.  Mom brought in a few fun props to use in her Hungry Caterpillar themed room which is always fun too! (tampa baby photographer)


tampa baby photographer



tampa baby photographer



All Smiles! (tampa baby photographer)

(tampa baby photographer) I swear,  I could show EVERY picture in this family’s gallery!  This was the sitting up session of her New Beginnings Plan and she was a perfect angel. Except for a quick bottle break… she smiled the entire session.  Enjoy this large sneak peak… (tampa baby photographer)

Oh the last series in pink…. those are GUCCI shoes and a hat!  A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E!








Tampa baby photographer



Cutie Pie (tampa baby photographer)

(tampa baby photographer)  This little guy was amazing for his sitting up session!  He just completed his second session of the New Beginnings Plan and I am SOO looking forward to his smash cake session.  He has been a “dream” baby for both sessions so far and you can check out his newborn session with his siblings here.  In most cases, babies are in their “birthday suits” for the newborn session but the next session is a great session for a cute outfit or two.  I always love to do a series of with just a diaper cover though… those are my favorites and they are timeless images that will be cherished forever.  (tampa baby photographer)



Tampa baby photographertwo

Tampa baby photographerthree


I am so lucky! (tampa baby photographer)

(tampa baby photographer) How could I ask for anything better than being able to spend time with these little ones.  They are precious, so innocent and so tiny.  Definitely one of the best parts of my job!  This newest member of the TGP New Beginnings Plan was an absolute dream!  Even with his big brother (who is by no means big… under 2 himself) who was very hesitant to be to close to him,  this little guy was in sleepy dreamland.    Both of these children are beautiful…. mommy and daddy make beautiful babies!  

I often joke with my clients that for me, capturing, with photography, that rare newborn smile is SO hard.  I swear, those smiles always happen when the camera is NOT close to me and I rarely get to capture them on the camera.  This precious bundle of joy gave me MANY smiles though and I did capture some.  I am not sharing here because I know birth announcements are yet to go out and I am sure mom and dad want some surprises for that.  Here are just a few of this amazing session with many surprises left for the full gallery! 

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Tampa baby photographer





Ahhhh… sweetness at it’s best (tampa baby photographer)

(tampa baby photographer)  There are some things about newborns that just capture me. Besides their innocence, and tiny little features, I love their peeling wrinkly skin and their jerky, uncontrolled movements (also know as the moro or startle reflex) and even that little umbilical cord stump.  All of these things show how little they are and it is the only time in their life that these things will occur (at least naturally anyway LOL!).  These things are characteristics of a newborn and I love when I can capture some of them on camera.  I have a little series of the feet picture below (although I am only showing one here) and I must say it is one of my favorite pictures!  Anyway, a special last minute welcome to this family to the New Beginnings Plan.  I am the lucky one that was chosen when this family was left last minute with out a photographer to capture those first precious days of their babies birth!  (tampa baby photographer)

tampa baby photographer

tampa baby photographer

tampa baby photographer